The star of the movie “Mr Knockout” Artem Osipov said that he did not take his sons to the shooting 25.01.2023, 19:58

Actor Artem Osipov admitted that he did not include his sons in the world of theater and cinema. In an interview, he talked about the joint children of the couple of nine-year-old Matvey and seven-year-old Fedor, as well as 13-year-old Timur, the son of his wife from his first marriage. with woman shot.

“They have an inner spark that can make them creative individuals, but I’m in no rush to do it. I don’t take them to movie sets, I don’t force them to sit in the cinema all day. You see, it’s a very captivating world, the game draws everyone in, and even the kids directly into it. I know this from myself, so I do not provoke, ”said Artem Osipov.

He added that all three boys were “terribly” interested in acrobatic rock and roll.

“And seriously, they have competitions literally every weekend. For example, last week they were selected from the Central Federal District for the Championship of Russia, so they are making tremendous progress. And we are happy: Sport is extremely important for a child, ”said he.

According to Osipov, he rarely participates in competitions in which children participate, due to a busy schedule.

“But when he shows up, I will definitely come. In general, I like to spend time with my family: in our free time we can play football and just walk in the park, go skiing or lie on the sofas at home with tablets in our hands, ”said the artist.

Source: Gazeta


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