Ana Rosa returns from vacation, criticizing the government for its anti-crisis measures

Ana Rosa Quintana back this monday Telecinco did so with little optimistic personal forecasts for 2023, after enjoying a two-week vacation. At the beginning of the journal, as usual, He was very critical of his government. Pedro Sanchez.

“The first school day of 2023, with the January slope that citizens will climb between the fiction of an election year politics and the reality of ordinary voters”Ana Rosa began her speech before going over some of the anti-crisis measures implemented by the Executive.

However, none of them seem to be liked by the journalist: “They are announcing a 2.7 percent salary increase, but our CPI is 5.8 percent. announced the discount VATbut there is a 3% charity note in pockets. They are announcing a check for 200 euros, but the aid will be 0.54 euros per day. They are announcing an increase in their pensions, but we have a debt of 116% and a deficit of 4.6″.

“As the January slope rises for citizens, politicians go on sale”Ana Rosa added this Thursday to focus on the fact that “reducing embezzlement in the criminal code for corrupt politicians will come into effect.”

The Communicator finished with another dart aimed at the leader of the Socialists: “Even though Sánchez denied it ten times, like the deal he made with her, knowWe’re starting 2023 with a 2×1 offer. Legislative reforms and the independence referendum”.

Source: Informacion


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