The sure-fire way to know if a trousers fits your size without trying it on.

Now that e-commerce is experiencing an unprecedented boom, online purchases have skyrocketed. However, many still If you’re having trouble choosing the right pant size, luckily there’s a trick everyone should know.

It is no secret that the consumption habits of the population have radically changed in recent years. Thanks to the developing technology and digitalization of commerce, millions of people can now renew their wardrobes with just a few clicks from their favorite e-commerce and from the comfort of their armchairs.

However, for many, buying jeans in the virtual world or at your favorite store can be a real headache. The good news is that a super trick that helps save time when choosing trousers has gone viral on the TikTok social network lately.

No need to go through the locker room anymore

The number that quickly went viral on the Chinese social network, wrap around the waist of previously buttoned trousers. If the ends do not touch, the trousers are smaller than necessary, on the contrary, if the ends are touching, we will end up with the perfect size.

There are not a few TikTok users who confirm the effectiveness and usefulness of this trick. This is an ideal life-saving tip for determining the right size of jeans and saving time when the locker room queue for our favorite store seems endless.

Another trick that is gaining popularity is Place one end of the jean waistline at the level of the navel and wrap the body with the garment. If the other end of the pants is in the middle of the back, it’s the right size.

As you can see, the wrong pant size is a thing of the past. The tricks that have become popular through the main social networks allow you to know and choose the right pant size without having to go through the dressing room.

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