Jorge Javier talks to Malbert about his empty relationship with Paz Padilla: “He played me a few times”

Jorge Javier Vázquez, in the middle of his promotional tour for his new book, ‘dear hater’, Malbert’s podcast on the Podimo platform. Presenter in the last show of the seasonSave me He talked to the creator about all kinds of topics, but one of the most striking headlines is the one he left about Paz Padilla.

Months after the humorist’s controversial departure from the TeleFactory format, Malbert drew upon a conversation with Jorge Javier to ask him about the relationship he has now: “Do you have the same good feelings as Sun Padilla?” “I have no affiliation with Sun Padilla”The Telecinco server responded definitively.

But he didn’t just stop there, emphasizing that he had no intention of getting close to her: “Come on, I don’t want to and I’m not interested in possessing.” “He played me several times, I don’t want anything with him”, reassured the woman from Cádiz in an interview that she left another message: “You must be bad, huh.” “Everything falls under its own weight,” Malbert said.

“One more will meet down below. One kiss, peace,” added ‘Dear hater’ driver to the laughter of Jorge Javier, who hit the brakes. “Hey, keep me out of trouble. So when is it coming out this Christmas? Touch your balls in times of love and friendship”The guest joked.

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