GTA 5 added Lucia from GTA 6 and showed the gameplay for her. The heroine’s ass is as big as in the leaked videos

In September of this year, details and gameplay videos leaked to the network. GTA 6, revealing that the game will have two playable characters: Lucia and Jason. Modder nicknamed SERGIO_VAN_DYK decided to recreate the heroine by making a special mod for it GTA 5.

In it, the author added Lucia to the game as a playable character. In the video, he showed what the gameplay looks like for her. It is noteworthy that the heroine’s butt turned out to be as big as in the leaked videos. GTA6.

You can download the change here.

Recall that hackers also leaked the source code to the network this month GTA 5. Later it became known how this could affect ordinary gamers.

As for GTA 6, it is rumored to be released in 2024-2025. Cool chips may appear in the game Red Dead Redemption 2.🍓 Elves Insemination: Conquest of Arrogant Fairies is out on Steam – a fighting game with sexy anime girls

Source: VG Times


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