‘Speaking out’ stops strike carrier leader: ‘It’s not our job to get drunk’

‘Speaking openly’ had tense moments due to the new road transport strike. After making a promise to a truck driver who removed the grounds for protest, Marc Caldero This Monday, he considered doing a live interview with Manuel Hernández, a spokesperson for the Transport National Platform Defense Sector and on VOX.After his attacks and accusations on the TVE program and other media.

Minutes after Calderó introduced him, Hernández, without even waiting for the presenter’s first question, attacked the press: “First, I want to publicly condemn the work of the media., in which case you as a public channel, it’s okay to try to minimize, discredit and convey the editorial line you follow. They harm freedom of information. They manipulate data”.

As you can see, I will defend the work of both my colleagues and mine.“The host, who came to ask the guest to calm down before his aggressive demeanor, came to accuse him of “provoking that there must be problems”.

After several attempts by Calderó to direct the interview, Hernández refused to answer questions from the host of the ‘Speak Up’ show: “Now you have to listen to me because you are discrediting me and running a smear campaign.”.

“If you don’t listen to me, we’ll have to try to talk another time,” Marc Caldero told Manuel Hernández, “they are dealing with thousands of families” from the program.We will not allow TVE and the forces that dominate you”.

Our job is not to get drunk, I request you to change your style.“, the communicator warned the carrier about Vox and asked him to stop “disrespecting” the profession: “you are the ones who disrespect“.

Tensions between the two did not cease as Hernández again accused the program of “intoxicating” and “protecting the great state”. lobby transport”: “If this continues, you may need to change the news.”

Far from being silent in the face of Hernández’s baseless accusations, Marc Calderó once again drew a new red line in the interview he tried to do live: “You can’t teach us journalism.”I give transportation lessons,” he snapped. National Platform for the Defense of the Transport Sector.

Given the attitude of the interviewee, Calderó concluded the interview and later highlighted the work of the ‘Hablando Claro’ newsroom: “As it seems impossible for us to have an interview as God intended, we will drop this interview.” “You tried, but if you don’t listen…”, Lourdes Maldonado told him, who participated in this claim.

Source: Informacion


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