Three answers that deprived Orestes and Rafa of the ‘Pasapalabra’ boat

shared dream Rafa Brown Y orestes barber closer to reality every day. two contestantsPasswordI made a few donuts to remember this week because just one word left for them to win the boat up to three times this already exceeds 1.8 million euros.

On the program last Monday, November 7, the letter V separated Rafa from the coveted award. “The surname of the singer who released the album Tangos al mango”He put Roberto Leal in front of Sevillian, who failed after answering the other 24 questions correctly. The correct answer was “Vattuone”..

Rafa also patted the boat at the delivery on Tuesday, a day later. With 52 seconds on the scoreboard, he hit the letters T and P so his donut was almost completely lit green. However, he answered the question incorrectly with the letter G, revealing the following: “The King of England VIII against the Pope.. The word the program was looking for was: “gardener”.

On Wednesday, November 10, it was Orestes who could have gone home with the millionaire jackpot had it not been for the question with the letter X. “The surname of the painter of the oil painting San Isidoro, who presided over the Council of Toledo at the University of Barcelona”. The man from Burgos had to answer. “baixera” to win the prize.

‘Pasapalabra’ is an increasingly tense duel that continues to leave its audience breathless. last tuesday, The competition broke the season record with 24.7% audience share and 2,987,000 viewers..

Source: Informacion


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