Superhero ‘Female power’: ‘Black Panther: Who is who in Wakanda forever?

The absence of Chadwick Boseman, who died in 2020, was one of the reasons why the second Black Panther movie turned into a clear ‘female power’. Marvel, on the other hand, has spent years changing the parameters of the original comics in terms of the comic’s existence. female characters, gender identity or race issues. In one way or another, ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ is a superhero movie It is governed by decisions made by Wakanda women.

Angela Bassett

The veteran actress had a few glorious moments in the ’90s—’The Neighborhood Boys’, ‘Malcolm X’, ‘Strange Days’ and most of all, ‘Tina’s Tina Turner,’ and has recently been merging film and television with less. star roles. She often watched the story of the superheroes in rival DC – the ‘Flash, human lightning’ series, the ‘Green Lantern’ movie – and it was a tough, serious, and cold-blooded Ramonda who was T’Challa’s mother. ‘Black Panther’ became the queen of Wakanda in this second movie.

Angela Basset in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. MARVEL

Lupita Nyong’o

He was born in Mexico to a Kenyan family and rose to prominence in 2013 with ’12 years of slavery’. He played the pirate Maz Kanata from the latest ‘Star Wars’ trilogy using motion capture. The long-suffering hero of Jordan Peele’s ‘We’ is the friend of Jessica Chastain, Diane Kruger, Fan Bingbing and Penélope Cruz in ‘Agent 355’. In the two Black Panther movies, she played ‘Wakandian’ Nakia, T’Challa’s lover and a warrior always sent on the most dangerous missions.

Lupita Nyong’o, ‘Black Panther: Forever in Wakanda. MARVEL

Letitia Wright

Under 30, she was nominated for an Emmy – for the episode ‘Black Museum’ (2017) of the ‘Black mirror’ series – for playing Altheia Jones, the leader of the British Black Panthers in ‘Small’. ax’ by Steve McQueen and has produced three feature films. In ‘Black Panther’, the protagonist’s sister entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Shuri, a Wakanda scientist. He repeated it in two films of The Avengers and the new Black Panther.

Letitia Wright in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. MARVEL

danai gurira

They’ll remember her as Michonne, the fast zombie hunter from the movie ‘The Walking Dead’. She previously starred in David Simon’s post-Katrina drama ‘Treme’ set in New Orleans. Her career in television and her role in the Black Panther/Avengers universe has been divided as Dora Milaje most famously, Okoye, warriors in the service of Wakanda. Last year, HBO canceled the ‘Americanah’ series directed by Gurira and Nyong’o about two Nigerian immigrants.

Danai Gurira, ‘Black Panther: Forever in Wakanda. MARVEL

Michaela Coell

An angular face from a Ghanaian family, he debuted on television at the beginning of the last decade and is the person in absolute charge as the creator, screenwriter, director, producer and actor of the British mini-series ‘I can destroy you’. (2020) is a portrait of a young and successful writer whose life changes after being sexually assaulted. He coincided with Nyong’o in ‘Star Wars’ and also participated in ‘Black Mirror’. In ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’, she plays Aneka, a martial arts instructor from Wakanda.

Michaela Coel in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’. MARVEL

Florence Kasumba

Aneka’s lover and T’Challa’s bodyguard abroad, Ayo is a character she has included in ‘Captain America: Civil War’, ‘Black Panther’, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, the second Black Panther and ‘Falcon and the series’ . Winter Soldier.

He was born in Uganda and lives in Berlin. He is developing his career between Hollywood and German cinema. She also joined ‘Wonder Woman’.

Florence Kasumba, ‘Black Panther: Forever in Wakanda. MARVEL

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