10 movies with images of undead horses

Premiere of ‘¡No!’, in which horses play a special role from the very first scenes. Eadweard Muybridge’s chronograph analyzing the animal’s galloponce again highlights the horse figure in the cinema. Beyond the medieval tournament or the western, a genre of which we can cite hundreds of outstanding examples in terms of horses and humans: ‘Industriousness’, ‘Centaurs of the Desert’, ‘Courage of the Law’, ‘Hateful octagon’. ..

The very difficult horse to draw—many comics writers have described as their worst experience drawing the horse in motion—is ideal for filming in a large, square format, galloping, trotting, walking, or static. A noble animal – in how many westerns have we seen a burly cowboy crying when he had to finish off his horse because he broke a leg? – we chose from. 10 cinematographic representations with awesomeness plus – no quixotic nags!-, all available on ‘streaming’It hurts to leave out other important titles like ‘El Cid’ with the dead medieval hero supported by his horse Babieca on the beach in Peñíscola; ‘National Velvet’ describing the Grand National race; the animated movie ‘Spirit, the indomitable horse’; The rare ‘Horses and Men’ or ‘The Wind and the Lion’ in Iceland, where El Raisuni (Sean Connery) takes part in an epic swordfight on horseback on the beach of Mónsul in Almeria.

‘Ben Hur’ (1959)

Neither in the silent version of the same story nor in later productions such as ‘Gladiator’, the road to filming a magnificent car race has not been crossed. White horses and black horses escalated into a bloody battle, pulling Judah Ben-Hur and Messala’s chariots in a competition around the Roman circus. With the direct physicality of the analogue and a plus of accuracy: an extra dies during the complex filming of this sequence, where the speed of the horses and their spectacular fall solve a life-or-death conflict. Appropriate hbo max and Movistar+.

‘The Rebel Lives’ (1961)

John Huston, Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift… The story of the Misfits (original title: ‘The Misfits’)… But above all, it’s the story of wild horses. For some it means fresh money. For others, it is a symbol of their desire for freedom. The horse capture scenes have a grain of truth. There are other rodeo and cowboy movies as important as this one – ‘The sultry men’, ‘Junior Bonner’, Chloé Zhao’s ‘The Rider’ – but none have had such resonance in portraying colts as symbols of something that can never be conquered. Available in the movie.

‘Wild Bunch’ (1969)

Beyond the twilight images of seriously injured horsemen riding on their mounts or fugitives shot in slow motion, the horses in this epidermal western by Sam Peckinpan are remembered for shots of animals and their riders breaking windows. It’s a store in the bank robbery series. This is a very iconic image already seen in ‘Brave Land’ and ‘The True Story of Jesse James’. It can be rented on Google Play, Rakuten TV and Amazon.

‘The pride of our lineage’ (1971)

Written by Dalton Trumbo and directed by John Frankenheimer, this stunning film stars the best Afghan horseman (Jack Palance) and his son (Omar Sharif). The first gives a racehorse to the second, but has to attend and win the ordeal of Afghanistan’s national sport, ‘buzkashi’. During the competition, the symbiosis between man and horse is absolute: the original title of the movie is ‘The Horsemen’. For heroes, riding is a way of life. It can be rented on Google Play, Apple TV and Amazon.

‘Bit the Bullet’ (1975)

Richard Brooks’ third and final western with Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen and James Coburn chronicles a race of more than a thousand kilometers filled with the most diverse obstacles that have created millionaire bets nationwide. Fatigue trumps something epic: after straight-line rides and up and down rough terrain, Brooks films the slender, sweat-soaked horses with as much respect as possible. Available on film and Plex.

‘Back to the Future III’ (1990)

For the third installment of Michael J. Fox’s Journeys through Time, director Robert Zemeckis has placed part of the story in the time of the Wild West, so the existence of horses is guaranteed, but not as they appear in the movie: Fox is driving his chariot. Amidst the Monument Valley landscapes, he meets the chariot-time machine and suddenly a group of warrior Indians coming towards him. Just when he thought he had fooled them, more horses appeared, now ridden by the seventh cavalry. A hunch: horses would be replaced by automobiles at the beginning of the 20th century. Appropriate Prime VideoFubo TV and Film.

‘Lord of the Rings. Two Towers’ (2002)

In a key scene from Peter Jackson’s movie, Aragorn and his crew blame hundreds of hordes on horseback. Despite the very digital effect, it is an indelible image: horsemen cut open an army of pitchfork on a narrow stone bridge. When things look bad, Gandalf appears behind his white horse, followed by his warriors. Available on Prime Video and HBO Max.

‘Oceans of Fire (Hidalgo)’ (2004)

Riding horses can also be an act of salvation. Hidalgo is referred to as the horse of Viggo Mortensen, who lived poorly in Buffalo Bill’s circus performances in the late 19th century. A man and a horse in the endless space of the Arabian desert. The drunken rider manages to overcome his misery by riding the graceful horse in a test of about 5,000 kilometers. Recall Omar Sharif, an expert in these matters, as an Arab sheikh. Appropriate Disney+.

‘war horse’ (2011)

The story of a farm horse that became a horse for British cavalry during the First World War. The horse in question, Joey, is filmed in Spielberg’s characteristic humanistic epic: in full-on combat, riding through muddy trenches, helping soldiers and even giving them courage. This is a horse in an unusual cinematographic context for animals. Can be rented on Apple TV and Rakuten TV.

‘Japan. Father to son’ (2013)

The true story of Pierre Durand (Guillaume Canet), who quits his legal profession and dedicates himself to demonstrating horseback jumping. He came to the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles on his mount Jappeloup. A horse ‘biopsy’ with stylized training and jumping scenes that enhance the horse’s anatomy. Available in the movie.

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