Asun Noales’ new choreographic challenge San Francisco

The sweet moment experienced by the dancer and choreographer of Elche Asun Noales continues its course by looking at the lake. this san francisco city his next destination to premiere a piece with Axis Dance Ensemble next September 16.

And it does so with a triple challenge. First, working together dancers you don’t know; second, trust one of them is doing it from his wheelchairand third, do in just four weeks.

the offer came from Nadia Adame, A Spanish band that has just taken over the artistic direction of Axis Dance Company in San Francisco. works with dancers of functional diversity, He said that he will make his presentation with a dance night titled. AheadFeaturing three world premieres at the ODC Theater from September 16-18. One of them will be that of Asun Noales, his temporary title. desired and working with a quintet It explores desires, pleasures, and human relationships.

The choreographer works with five dancers, one of whom is in a wheelchair.

“I contacted him for an interview they did at La 2 in 2005 and we started working on a project he created for me and then a duet he created for her. Madrid Choreography Competition“assures the artist from Elche, whose work he co-produced. Joyce Theater in New YorkIt’s a real pride. “I played in that theater years ago and it’s great that he’s involved in my work because it’s just a center where shows dance.”

Just this week Asun started taking Noales Connect with your dancers via Zoomexpects to travel to San Francisco next week. We research, we explore, we get to know each other because we don’t know each other, and we try things that aren’t easy online because it’s not the same without physical contact, but we’re trying to start production.” .

Dancers during rehearsals.

For now, the choreographer Zara Anwar, Alaja Badalich, David Calhoun, JanpiStar and Louisa Mann, five dancers so they improvise. “I give them some movement directions and they dance, we work in pairs, we switch roles, we come up with ideas and movement qualities, but I can only go half way until I get there.”

For Asun Noales, this is quite difficult. “First of all, to work with dancers from another culture who come from other formations that I am not familiar with; also because of time, because I only have four weeks, and I also need to adapt to dancers with and without disabilities; I need to create from other bodies, with another physicality and another look”.

Also, she is aware of working with him. wheelchair dancer in a dance show “it’s something that marks you and the gaze goes to that person”.

Winning three Max awards with la mort i la donzella, Noales is once again Telemann RegistrationAs he does in this production by the Institut Valencià de Cultura y life. “I usually work with them on a playlist, harmonies and timbres that inspire me and start creating from there”. On this occasion, “I withdrew mix of electronic music and soundsperhaps with a capella theme to lead to my work, my work”.

The piece is supposed to be finished at the end of August or the beginning of September, so everything should go fast. He even met with the wardrobe manager via Zoom this week. Vincent Avery. “I want everything to be very comfortable, very comfortable.” Just like the presentation of the play without the stage. “I’m just going to rely on the light to delimit the space for which John Bernard is responsible. I want it to be a physical job that uses space.”

The dancers are working on the piece.

This will be the first time Asun Noales brings her dance to San Francisco. He already did that a few years ago in New York. “Once at the Lloyd Theater ilicitano Vicente Sáez company, I danced a piece titled Phoenixand there was a review in the New York Times that they named me for doing a solo, and the second with Japanese choreographer Kazuco Hiravayasi”.

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