These are the locations in Australia where the movie ‘Attention’ was filmed.

An island that is a continent and a continent that is a country. In Australia you can only live and live very well. on the east and south coasts, the rest is a collection of lands where there is no violent person. Fiction imagined barren land inhabited by apocalyptic savages like Mad Max, rough beer drinkers and, in short, very ignorant Crocodile Dundee-style people. And of course, the scenery might not be particularly pretty – although it is overwhelmingly beautiful – but that hasn’t stopped Australians from being good folks who never shed a tear while singing their unofficial anthem, ‘Waltzing Mathilda’.

So perhaps the ‘Attention’ sequence, which can be watched on Film, explains better than anything the resilience of these Antipod inhabitants to their harsh geographies. This a modest series with great appeal This follows the journey of a musician (actor, musician and writer of the TV series Tim Minchin) from Sydney to Perth. Drags an upright piano on Australian roads (the ‘upright’ part of the title) is a daring and abusive teenager who runs away from home on the way to his dying mother’s bed (the long-awaited prequel to Game of Thrones, the marvelous Millie Alcock, who has just shot ‘House of the Dragon’). Here again, the formula of the old opposites, who are forced to understand each other thanks to the charisma of the players, works.

Entering ‘outback’

The ‘road movie’ follows the south coast for 4,000 kilometers by car, supposedly going into the sea. ‘Outback’, i.e. inhospitable interior they say it contains the essence of the country. It is this stretch that tourists do not forget on their route and that urban Australians will never set foot on. This couple crosses the road Black Sea and crosses places like cities hornmountain range Flinders Rangersstraight NullarborIt’s hard to imagine anything more arid than this, but it’s the marvelous landscape that Australians consider semi-desert. cliffs in this and continues through the surrounding golden fields Kalgoorlie, a mining town, the location of an important stage where gold prospectors still work. Many even participated in the shooting as extras.

an appointment with big thingsHere are some wire and fiberglass sculptures that will delight Valencia’s ‘ninotaires’ and set up on roads across the country as an attraction for desperate restaurants that Australians often refer to too graphically as “eat and puke”. More than 150 tourists and locals are dedicated to visiting and ‘collecting’ them. Heroes of ‘Upright’ grand Gala, Huge reproductions of a local bird, they’re like “abandoned scenes from a ’50s horror movie,” as travelers joker Bill Bryson wrote.

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