Ukrainian singer Alina Pash announced her intention to embarrass Russian artists on Sziget

Ukrainian singer Alina Pash spoke about her performance at the Sziget music festival and her intention to embarrass her Russian colleagues.

The artist described this on Instagram (the company that owns Meta is considered an extremist organization). The artist became a participant of the Sziget festival, which will be held in Budapest from 10 to 15 August 2022. The participation of the Ukrainian singer was criticized by fans, who condemned her performance in Hungary and the presence of Russian musicians in the festival lineup.

Pash explained that he is currently using every opportunity and every musical platform to talk about the armed conflict in Ukraine.

“We are working with other Ukrainian artists on an initiative that will help to systematically solve the problem of the presence of Russian artists at various festivals,” Pash said. Said.

The singer also spoke of his intention to embarrass the Russian musicians who performed at Sziget this year. “If logistics and time allow me to attend the performance of one of the Russians, I will do my best to put these artists to shame,” Pash said.

Source: Gazeta


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