John Malkovich: “I never feel close to the characters I represent”

this american actor John Malkovic He stars in a unique show with a live orchestra on August 11 and 12 in Madrid, where he plays Jack Unterweger, a serial killer: ‘I never feel close to the characters I represent’.

“I neither approve nor disapprove of my’s just business“A curious actor from Spain, who received the Donostia Award at the San Sebastian Festival in 1998,” said in the presentation of the show planned to be held at the Conde Duque Cultural Center as part of the Veranos de la Villa Festival.

‘Comedy of Hell. Confessions of a Serial Killer is a production directed by Austrian Michael Sturminger. getting closer to a real character, Jack Unterweger (1950-1994), who confessed his crimes in writing It has led to this study, which was carried out for the first time in Vienna in 2009.

became known as Unterweger “the prison poetThere he wrote his autobiography and poems, which were well received by German-speaking intellectuals. He was released on parole in 1990, until further investigations took him back to prison.

1994 committed suicide in cell dafter being sentenced to life imprisonment for killing nine prostitutes.

Malkovich explained playing this character: “There’s nothing wrong with playing characters that aren’t good.. I don’t approve or disapprove of my characters, it’s just business.”

“I never feel close to the characters I represent”“When you kill someone, I don’t know who will save you, maybe you can save yourself, but that wasn’t something Unterweger was really interested in, I don’t know,” admitted Malkovich. the authors of the work, he added.

The peculiarity of this work, which has already performed in many countries, lies in its staging with a string orchestra performing Baroque music and two soprano soloists, announced together with the director of the Veranos de la Villa festival, Angel Murcia.

“This work is special, it has something that others don’t, and the musical component and the power that music has: The feeling it gives is like being hit by a moving house,” he said.

Gaining recognition and popularity for her work on ‘Dangerous Liaisons’, Malkovich explained that she was impressed by the ‘power, beauty and joy’ of working with an orchestra and two sopranos. And try to see “how I can fit in”has detailed.

For him, cinema and theater are like two instruments, “one would be the piano and the other the violin. Both are music, but in the way you interpret them, they are not really related. “Theatre is ephemeral and organic, and the cinema lasts forever.”

If you watch a movie again after years, “It will be the same as the first time”“The theater performance will never be the same, even from one night to the next, because every experience is unique, good or bad. Theater is a living thing,” he said.

The actor and director has declared that he is a “huge fan of Madrid”, a city he visits often for professional and personal reasons. “I have friends here,” he said, before remembering the movie Pasos de Baile he shot in Spain twenty years ago.

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