These are the locations in Bilbao where the Netflix series ‘Intimacy’ was filmed.

story told by Series Netflix ‘Privacy’ What will ruin their lives is the case of two women who find their rights violated when sexually explicit images (separately) are posted. First, he sees his mayoral candidacy in jeopardy; the latter feels such pressure that he commits suicide (not a spoiler, but a starting point). But the most on display, in this case for good, Bilbao ceased to be one small industrial city Embedded in a layer of gray dust to become a modern and cosmopolitan city, it is full of colorful structures that attract more tourists.

A transformation as a maximum exponent (and engine) Guggenheim museum (this year is the 25th anniversary of his miraculous arrival, a shock to the cultural and economic life of the Biscayan capital and its environs), the beautiful silver silhouette is on the banks of the estuary. it’s an icon (and with it, Mama the metal spider and Puppy the flower dog). But at the same time, on a smaller scale, Etxebarria Park, a large green area neighbor by begona It was home to a prosperous and polluting metallurgical industry many years ago (at the foot of Mount Artxanda, where you take the elevator up).

Appears in Bilbao the balcony of the town hall, In fiction, the mayor often appears to breathe (and gain momentum). You can see from there Ovoid Variant sculpture, a true symbol of the city and the Town Hall Bridge over the Golden Horn. A little further away Arenal Bridge, combining part of the center with old town, where the typical pinxo (tapas) bars are. Couldn’t miss this postcard from Bilbao. Azkuna Zentroa (formerly Alhóndiga)a former wine warehouse converted into a cultural center with stunning columns of various architectural styles that are worth seeing.

However, not everything is cement. Fiction breathes in nearby towns (everything that happens nearby). Portugalete and suspension bridge (coast to shore travel is essential), Plencia, Görliz… The sea plays a major role in the plot and the resulting beaches, Laga and Sopelanawide sand and rough seas, where the swimmer bids farewell to his family not because he will drown when he enters the water, but because of the enormous distance between him and his towel. Bilbao, too small, too big…

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