Generalitat refuses to buy the Ideal cinema and it will become a hotel.

The decision was taken at the meeting held this morning. Generalitat’s Valencian Heritage Valuation BoardAfter reviewing the documents showing that the right of withdrawal can be exercised for the acquisition of the old building, the members stated that it was “not possible” to use it.

The facade of the ideal cinema Alex Dominguez

Although different divisions of Generalitat are involved in the acquisition of Ideal cinema (Ministry of Cooperation, Transparency, Cooperation and Democratic Quality, which promotes participatory budgets that include the acquisition project; Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, which approves) and the acquisition of Ideal cinema with an investment of 5.5 million euros and the funds allocated for its rehabilitation and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Model, which published the relevant report to determine the actual valuation of the real estate in its current state. beginning absolute predisposition For the purchase of this symbolic building for the city of Alicante and its transformation into a cultural reference center, it is not possible to make your actual purchase.

As determined by the Valencia Cultural Heritage Valuation Board, Generalitat should pay attention to the real value of the building marked for this purpose by specialist technicians and You cannot acquire property for an amount greater than its actual value, Under no circumstances should the public economic funds of Valencian men and women fall on the speculative plane.

The economic report and Economy Model on the value of Ideal Cinema, prepared by the technicians of the General Directorate of Public Sector and Heritage of the Ministry of Finance and Economy, concludes that its true value is fluctuating. Between 1.8 and 2.5 million euros.

The General Directorate of Culture and Heritage of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, which is the authority to use the right of withdrawal from the current owners in the purchase of the immovable, has only offered this right. a purchase amount at least equal to the amount purchased by the current owner. Therefore, it is not possible according to the decision of the Real Estate Valuation Board.

It should be noted that the Valencia Cultural Heritage Assessment Board consists of representatives from Consell Valencià de Cultura, Valencian public universities, the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts, the Archives Advisory Council, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Model.


Group Concessions for Alacant yesterday, he “deeply” regretted his decision to refuse the purchase of Ideal for legal reasons, “despite the money allocated for it” and urges the Generalitat to “quickly find a place in the city to strengthen the presence and activities of Generalitat in the cultural sphere” in the city.

“Generalitat ensure compliance with building protection duties“We find it very complex to be in harmony with the hotel activity and that is why we have always preferred its public and cultural use,” he said. Natxo BellidoSpokesperson for Compro.

Bellido hopes to hear in the coming months about the provision of space for cultural projects by Generalitat “as we have requested from the cultural sectors of Compromís per Alacant and Alicante”.

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