Bayreuth, Wagner’s Walhalla

Bavarian II. Built on a small hill with the financial support of Ludwig’s composer Richard Wagner, as the theater approaches the excellent Wagner temple, in the German city of Bayreuth, where he lived and where his tomb is located, we are making the gardens of this opera “walhala”, placed in corners and conducting an orchestra. We find medium-sized statues representing a Richard Wagner in action. a graceful gesture but also sure and determined.

And summer in Bayreuth has a name: Richard Wagner, from July 25 to the end of August, every day there is a performance of one of the composer’s operas, these are not many, but a total of a dozen (just counting those who follow in the usual repertoire) or one containing fragments of his works. concert.

Sessions start in the early afternoon and one thing that is constant in all titles is their long duration and can last until twilight hour. Master Singers, the longest takes four and a half hours, not counting breaks of one hour each, if any, here in Bayreuth. But there is not always the opportunity to leave the stalls, because rhine gold Y traveler dutch it is done continuously, in the case of the first title it can reach two and a half hours and the second two hours without interruption.

Not all of Wagner’s operas were premiered in Bayreuth, as some had already been shown when the theater was built in 1876. With a capacity of almost two thousand people, this musical monument has long been a World Heritage Site. Years when it was qualified as such by UNESCO in 2012.

It was premiered at the Festspielhaus, as it is usually known. partial and the last two operas composed together rhine gold Y Walkyriethe so-called Wagner tetralogy on mythical themes; we refer Siegfried Y sunset of the gods.

It is true that the composer imposed restrictions on the interpretation of the poem. partial He was not seen outside of Bayreuth until thirty years after his death, which was nearly fulfilled, since in 1903 the Metropolitan of New York violated this restriction once, which lasted until 1913, specifically New Year’s Eve. From 1913 to 1914, when it was legally visible at the Liceu in Barcelona.

Each summer a new production of one of Wagner’s plays is usually presented in Bayreuth. And this was the year of the premiere of new sets. Tristan and Iseult and for four o’clock Ring of Nibelug. From the first title, the musical director of the different performances will be Markus Poschner, and the set design will be signed by Roland Schwab, both of whom are making their debut in Bayreuth.

The first person to appear in this field, the German tenor Daniel Kirsch, who has a long career performing Wagner’s major roles in German theaters, is replacing Jonas Kaufman in Munich with great success. Kirsch will be responsible for bringing to life two characters named Loge, the god of fire. rhine gold and one Lohengrin In some family audience adaptations coordinated by Katharina Wagner and taking place in the mornings for ten days.

Loge, along with the god Wotan and Nibelung Alberich, are the three protagonists of the first part of this quartet, which Wagner created based on stories from Norse mythology and mixed them with other philosophical ideas.

For these functions RingThe Wagner family, who own the Festival venue and production in Bayreuth, took a risk in presenting a new production as they chose to entrust the musical direction to a young Hamburg-based director, Cornelius Meister. A few years ago, in 2004, he joined the theater as an assistant director. partial. The artistic direction will come from the Austrian Valentin Schwarz. Both devised a modern-day Tetralogy in which the gods, whose ancestors were Wotan, were married to Fricka and were his friend Loge’s sarcastic, ironic, and evil confidant, while the giants were unscrupulous builders. large luxury villa, Alberich their mother, three Norns and a dirty old man who kidnapped the children who came to the river, and the goddess Erda a governess.

Besides the aforementioned Daniel Kirch, some well-established names like veterans Klaus Florian Vogt, Tomasz Konieczny, Irene Theorin, Christa Mayer, Camilla Nylund and Petra Lang, or those who have been here for a few years like Lisa, who started her meteoric career with a recital she gave in Palma a few years ago. davidsen

When it comes to directors, Christian Thielemann will direct. LohengrinOksana will do the same with Lyniv The Flying Dutchman and Axel Kober will be responsible Tahnhausser.

For Wagner fans who can’t travel to Bayreuth, there is some very good news that was announced as soon as the festival starts on 25 July and will allow for the expansion of the collaboration between the theater and record label Deutsche Gramophon and the entire recording. all operas staged over a period of slightly longer than the month in which the cycle continues to be brought online, starting in the fall.

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