Malacara, defense and joke of Andalusian accent

Lucas Melcón, better known as Malacara, assured EFE that he had “a pledge for peace”. Jesus Aguirre, He is the former Minister of Health and the current Speaker of the Andalusian Parliament, to whom many memes are devoted to his Twitter account, which has more than 162,000 followers.

Evil Face In 2016, she launched her website saying “I was unemployed, bored and had nothing else to do”.he explains before admitting that since then his account @malacarasev has not stopped growing.

Its activity is based on a clear message: “Defend what we are”underlines it with reference to Andalusian culture. She took inspiration for this from Barbara Kruger, an American artist, but changed her English statements on feminism to “expressions in Andalusia.”

Protects this hers is an attempt to combine contemporary art with what she sees more as “underground, that’s the way I talk to my friends”.

Born in Puerto Real (Cádiz) “because you have to be born somewhere”, he declares himself entirely from Seville. “I did not meet any of the parameters of Sevillanism, and yet I can say that I am more from Seville than most,” he said.

Although he enjoyed the April Fair more than anyone else and went out for a few beers with his friends, he explained: “I’m not from Seville, I’m not from Betis, I wasn’t born here, my parents aren’t from here, I’m not from any fraternity, I’m not baptized and I don’t have a beach and never have.“.

He says he feels many times “Lack of significant roots” in Seville societybut over time, he assures that he realizes that “There is no hegemonic way to be Sevilla and if there is, I think it should be broken”.

Andalusian sentiment is shown in his publications, In addition to being written in capital letters, he wrote “Andalusian idioms” as they were written in capital letters, as he thought they were “more legible and more impressive”.

One of the most recurring figures in his memes is Andalusian politicians., although it assures that politics is a more difficult terrain every day. “Society is becoming increasingly polarized. Especially in the internet world, people have too many knives,” he complains.

Sometimes he has to self-censor “There’s no one to defend you and I’m not hiring you because I feel so lonely,” he said before the social networks he used as a platform did this for him.

More knowledgeable than at any time in his life, his tweets feature current political issues, particularly Andalusia, with people like one of his favorites, Jesús Aguirre. “I certainly don’t agree with him on anything, but I didn’t mess with his health management, I make jokes about pork rinds.”

Regarding the labor interventionism of politicians in the field of comedy, Malacara said, “They are already looking for grace, they know our existence, there are photos where I said ‘you put this so I’ll put something in’. It’s not newsworthy, neither political nor institutional, just funny'”.

Monday to Friday, like any other official, Malacara uploads her ideas to the internet, but assures her that she is sometimes embarrassed to stand up and admit it isn’t “funny.” He says these moments coincide with the days when people are most thirsty for humor.

Malacara’s most famous memes and favorites don’t overlap because “they have to be decaf to go on a large national tour, even among people unfamiliar with my temperament.”

an example to them His tweets about the rise of light in Spain. “They don’t talk about Andalusia, they talk about Spain and current events. My favorites are screenplays and video sequences that travel less because they’re heavier to read.”

He assures us that we live in an age of images and immediacy, so reading the scripts can be a gift of time for his followers because they need three minutes. “Given people 10 seconds is already a gift,” he adds.

Refusing to be “a public service”, Malacara said the appointment of new Andalusian councilors last Monday could be the next area to be exploited, although it has yet to be “determined”.

Followers are sure to wait for these new memes as they look for evidence of a “peace cap” with Jesús Aguirre on his Twitter (@malacarasev) or a “beer waiting” with former minister and former mayor Juan Ignacio Zoido. Sevilla responded with humor in a tweet using the photo.

In this tweet, Malacara attributes the phrase to Zoido: “Shall I ask are you four?” for three”.

Source: Informacion


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