Jota, leader of Los Planetas: “Any artistic expression that is not independent is propaganda”

They plan to become “deniers” of democracy, burning police cars or robbing shops. manzana. Planets they come with water songs: one disc “evil rock and roll” and “new normal” this is the focus contradictions and political inconsistencies Pandemic. Musicalizing Lorca and powerful app social criticism They are coming with their long-awaited tenth album. will land on Mallorca Live Summer tomorrow (29 July, Old Calvià Aquapark, 22:00).

Let’s talk about new diskSongs of water and component of social criticism.

It’s an album we recorded in prison that made it difficult to produce and meet musicians. He talks a little about how bony the order we are subject to is, which leads us to this kind of incarceration, not to mention that no one questions it. We try to communicate our ideas when someone feels identified with them. It is guided by the urgency of the situation, by expressing our view of what is happening. This is an urgent recording made quickly and without much brainstorming. At first, we were releasing singles about the topics that were on the table.

topics like new normaldisc contact.

It is a term coined by the media at a certain moment, in prison and afterwards, encouraging people to adapt to this new way of life. Against this understanding of normalcy, situations similar to those described in the song arose, plunder new York or revolutions against powerful countries, censored by the media. They were nowhere to be seen.

too much evil rock and roll.

(laughs) This song says more than one thing power figure acting quite arbitrarilyNot to say it’s pointless and that’s blaming other groups.

Independent, independent or fashionable?

in my opinion in art and music Independence is an indispensable value. Any artistic or intellectual manifestation that does not consist of the independence of one’s own opinion has no validity, it is only propaganda. It is positive that it has become fashionable. Anyone who contributes to the cultural landscape should do so regardless of being conditioned by economy or power.

Some of the new faces of the indie scene include the young Amaia, Saints I drew you For your last album, what do you think about the version?

I was excited. He and Alizzz played it for me as soon as I finished recording and I loved it. It sounds very good to me. I also really like that young people save these types of songs. This is a very dark and difficult song of impossible love and complicated situations.

What can the people of Majorca expect from this appointment? Planets?

let’s do one concert the darkest and purest rock and roll that can be found right now. We have an accumulated repertoire that allows us to present a very dynamic concert. You will love it.

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