The world won’t be able to stand a new comic book superhero

announcing the creation a Comic Book DayTo be fixed on March 17, It invites reflection on the rapid evolution of a species that, in its history of just over 100 years, has managed to position itself as a fundamental reference for understanding contemporary culture. Its vitality is such that I dare suggest it in these lines. the inclusion of a sixth stage in its history, It was established in five according to specialized literature.

first stage platinum Age, It is dated to the birth of the first comics in England and the USA in 1890. They were comics with a humorous and carefree style, although they also coexisted with adventure and detective stories. They were part of newspapers and markets, It wasn’t until the 1930s that the first private publishers such as DC Comics emerged.

In 1938 DC Comics released the first ‘Superman’ comic, the most powerful and recognizable superhero. Thus began the Golden Age, It is characterized by superheroes such as Batman, Green Lantern or Namor, and the appearance of the first female protagonist, a sexualized Wonder Woman. Just like Captain America, she wears the national colors of the USA. Patriotic and anti-fascist symbol during WWII. However, in the postwar era, acceptance of superheroes waned and interest in more social and human stories increased.

beginning The Silver Age passes in 1957, with scientific explanation of superpowers instead of magic or mysticism. With the rise of Marvel Comics (formerly Atlas Comics and Timely Publications) in 1961 and the rise of Stan Lee as its editor-in-chief, the comics industry was booming. first return to superheroes. But Marvel chose more human characters with personal and relational issues combined with more contextual themes such as science, astronomy, and diseases caused by atomic radiation. This was ideal for the scenario look ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘X-Men’, ‘Hulk’ or ‘Spider-Man’.

From the early 1970s to the late 1990s, there was a progressive change in themes and protagonists. We are in the Bronze Age. Superheroes cease to interest readers, and the introduction of more real themes begins to be demanded. In this way, comics reflect social problems such as inequalities, international conflicts and major crises. drug addiction, abuse of power, or racial discrimination. It shows protagonists whose stories are more complex, deep and determined. Similarly, Dark Horse Comics has emerged, an editorial with a more adult, violent, and radical theme that will bring characters diametrically opposed to traditional superheroes like Hellboy. At this age, comics reflect japanese cultural invasion It is polarized in anime and manga. The interests and tastes of the readers are changed, a more demanding and fragmented public.

Social networks in the 21st century and digital democratization of culture, The comic is experiencing the arrival of a new phase characterized by four elements: a resurgence of traditional stories thanks to the success of Marvel and DC Comics’ transmedia audiovisual narratives. in movies, TV shows and video games; social inclusion of all ethnic groups and genders; conceptual break with classical clichés that seek to make themes more representative and universal rather than local and patriotic; and finally, the rise of anti-heroes and anti-heroes.

The comic understands that the world will not support a new superhero, on the contrary, Claim anti-heroes like Venom, Deadpool, The Punisher or Wanda Maximov. This sixth and current stage, which we will baptize here as Antiheroic, responds to a society that is tired of virtuous, idealized, and perfect superheroes. Some readers, looking for heroes ambivalent between good and evil, are unscrupulous, swift and ruthless beings, complex, persecuted by their past and rejected by society, departing from the classical pattern of the hero’s journey characteristic of the previous stages.

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