Two environmentalists ‘stick’ to Botticelli’s undamaged ‘Primavera’

Three environmental activists took part this Friday A peaceful protest in the hall of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence (Central Italy) hosts the works of Sandro Botticelli. It consisted of two people they glued their hands to the glass protecting ‘La Primavera’ with instant glue, one of the author’s most famous paintings. The job was not damaged.

Activists, two women and a man, entered the museum after paying the entrance fee, butWhen they came to Botticelli’s room, they unfurled a banner with the slogan “Last Generation Gasless Coalless” (Last Generation Gasless Coal Free). then the two of them ‘sticked’ to the glass protecting the work, Efe reports.

The museum emphasized that thanks to the special glass placed years ago to protect this painting, the work was not damaged in any way and shared it with other important works in the Uffizi.

Three teenagers expelled from the museum by carabiners (militarized police), l.Offenses of interrupting public service, resisting a public official, demonstrating without permission and damaging propertyaccording to the local press.

Source: Informacion


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