The winner of the Miss Moscow 2024 contest has been announced 11:21

At the exhibition “Russia” on the territory of VDNKh, the final of the beauty and talent contest “Miss Moscow – 2024” was held, where the main prize was awarded to 20-year-old Liliana Bulatova. Broadcast of the contest what caused it “BEAUTY OF RUSSIA | MISS MOSCOW” on VKontakte.

Bulatova defeated 44 rivals in the fight for the crown and the championship. The requirements for the participants were strict: they must be no older than 32 years old and at least 170 cm tall. Moreover, the organizers wrote that the contestants must have “some taste and charm.”

The winner herself spoke with the slogan “Change the things you can change in your life.” She has been attending modeling auditions since she was 14, working on fashion shows for famous designers, enjoys dancing and speaks English well. stated on your card.

As a result, Bulatova had the opportunity to defend the honor of the capital at the Beauty of Russia 2024 festival, which will be held in Moscow on July 21.

Previously there was in Rostov-on-Don scandal with a beauty contest in which young girls participated.

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Source: Gazeta


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