Young readers from the USA and the Netherlands will compete for the title of best in Moscow 19:14

XIII at the X Book Festival on Red Square on June 8. The super final of the International Young Readers Competition “Living Classics” will be held. The organizers of the event informed about this.

The star jury will choose three winners from five Russian finalists and five children from foreign countries. The best of the best will perform for festivalgoers and everyone else; Entry to the event is free.

The Russian and international finals of the competition took place on May 20 and 21 at the Artek International Children’s Center. In the statement made by Marina Smirnova, President of the Living Classics Foundation, among the foreign guests, she said that 100 people from 40 countries made it to the final, and Russia was represented from almost all regions.

The winners of the all-Russian competition were Danil Kozlov from the Irkutsk region (M. Druzhinina, “What happened in our class?”), Sirazhudin Akhmedkhanov from Dagestan (Ch. Aitmatov, “Appointment with my son”, Alexander Zimmerman). Samara region (A. Chekhov, “ Two scandals”), Maria Chudayeva from Kalmykia (V. Astafiev, “Grandma’s Holiday”) and Daria Chulikova from the Chelyabinsk region (V. Shukshin, the story “Alone”) Stanislav Martysyuk from Belarus (Yu Yakovlev, the story “Alone” international “Heart of the Earth”), Daria Roberts from the USA (E. Klyuev, “Donut Hole”), Aiturgan Rysbekova from Kyrgyzstan (Ch. Aitmatov, “Mother Field”), Matvey Gulyanitsky from Turkmenistan (M. Sholokhov, “The Virgin Earth Has Risen”) and Elena Simone Michaela Jeremiasse from the Netherlands (A. Chekhov, “From a Girl’s Diary”).

The super final will be evaluated by theater and cinema actors Viktor Dobronravov and Elizaveta Arzamasova, president of the Living Classics Foundation Marina Smirnova, dean of GITIS acting department Taras Belousov, writer Marina Moskvina, rector of Synergy University Artem Vasiliev and acting teacher. HSE Cinema Institute, Sovremennik Theater actress Marina Lebedeva.

“This competition connects several important layers: love of literature, deep understanding, feeling and at the same time a demonstration of acting skills, penetrating the image of the hero. And just as children enjoy the texts they choose, let them enjoy their transformation,” said Dobronravov, wishing the finalists good luck.

Over the 13 years of its existence, more than 2.5 million schoolchildren have participated in the International Young Readers Competition “Living Classics”.

The other day at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs saidWhich countries can participate in Intervision?

Previously Baz Luhrmann denied The movie “The Master and Margarita”.

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Source: Gazeta


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