“KP”: The price of Pugacheva’s mansion dropped due to low demand 13:36

Two messages appeared on a private website about the sale of singer Alla Pugacheva’s estate in Berezhki, which the singer re-registered to her grandson Nikita Presnyakov. The publication reports that kp.ru.

In the first ad, it is stated that the property was sold for 132 million 500 rubles, and in the second ad, it was sold for 125 million rubles. They tried to sell the house in 2023, but then they asked for 225 million rubles. Now kp.ru notes that there is still no demand for Pugacheva’s mansion.

We are talking about a house that the singer bought in the 90s in the village of Berezhki on the banks of the Istra Reservoir. She called the site her “cottage”. The site has a pier and coastline that the owners rent from the municipality. Main house with an area of ​​800 m2. m, Presnyakov Jr. The land (70 acres) is in the name of the daughter of the artist Kristina Orbakaite.

In May 2023 recognizedWhy won’t Nikita Presnyakov sell Pugacheva’s mansion in Istra? According to Life.ru, Pugacheva did not make the next payment for the rent of the coastline adjacent to the estate. For this, the Solnechnogorsk Property Management Committee sued him. The amount of the claim is approximately 44.5 thousand rubles of debt and 7 thousand accrued penalties. In addition, restrictive measures were introduced for transactions with this real estate.

Previously recognized About Ivleeva’s multimillion-dollar debt to the Federal Tax Service.

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Source: Gazeta


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