Maxim Dunaevsky revealed the secret of his health on the eve of his 80th birthday 15:59

On the eve of his 80th birthday, composer Maxim Dunaevsky revealed the secret of health and well-being in old age. Her nail

According to Dunaevsky, he considers himself an optimist and is sure that it is activity and his favorite job that prolongs his life.

“I sleep for a long time, I go to bed late. As for food, I have a pretty light breakfast, then I don’t eat anything and I fill up at night. That’s right, I go to bed 2-3 hours after dinner, not earlier,” he said about his daily routine.

In the summer the composer swims and has recently resumed playing tennis. He did not exactly indicate the secret of longevity, but for the sake of it he urged to look for the positive even in a difficult situation. Dunaevsky noted that he knew people who led an unusually healthy lifestyle, but they died quite early.

“That’s why I’m convinced: Our lives don’t always go the way we want. Yes, a lot depends on genes. But nothing less is up to you. “You need to be able to preserve your essence and energy,” he concluded.

The other day artist Zurab Tsereteli saidWhat is the secret to your longevity?

“Maybe I lived to be 90 years old, thanks to the genes I inherited from my family. Or maybe because there are still many ideas that need to be implemented,” Tsereteli said.

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