The producer chose the most successful foreign analogue of “Star Factory” 18:31

Producer and music critic Evgeny Babichev said: HABER.ruHe said the Spanish version of “Star Factory” has become the most successful among its foreign counterparts.

Babichev noted that the project has been shown in Spain since the early 2000s and the program is still popular. According to the producer, graduates of a foreign factory have a stable audience of 300-500 thousand people.

Babichev believes that the Russian team of the “New Star Factory” should respect their counterparts in Spain.

“Song premieres and presentations of studio songs are already being held at the star’s home, a tour is being planned. They already write that the tickets for the concert in Barcelona are about to sell out. Serious work is being done there. Bravo to the organizers!” – said the producer.

According to Babichev, the organizers of the Spanish project have adhered to a single concept for many years and have not brought anything new to the fair.

May 20 Maria Gordeeva happened Winner of the project “New Star Factory” on TNT. The girl received three million rubles as a reward for the development of creativity. She sang the song “Give Me” as a solo in the project.

Previously The producer said that Shnurov “planted a pig” in the “New Star Factory”.

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Source: Gazeta


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