“Major Thunder: The Game” – meeting place may be changed “Major Thunder: The Game” will be released in Russian cinemas on May 23, 18/2024 11:29

One year after the events of the movie “Major Grom: Plague Doctor”, police major Igor Grom (Tikhon Zhiznevsky) He is gaining fame as a city hero, rejoicing at the opportunity not to change his cruel ways, and at the same time preparing to move on to a new stage in his relationship with journalist Yulia Pchelkina. (Lyubov Aksenova). He even calls himself a happy person because of the current paradise on the personal and work front. But the latter changes when Thunder finds himself the target of a mysterious bomber. He demands that the Major leave the force; otherwise the explosions will continue and Grom’s loved ones will become victims: in addition to Pchelkina, we also remember that this is her partner Dima Dubin. (Iskender Seteykin) and St. Chief of St. Petersburg police Fedor Ivanovich Prokopenko (Alexei Maklakov). One of the suspects is arms magnate August van der Holt. (Matvey Lykov). The Ministry of Internal Affairs plans to sell drones designed to replace live workers to Russian security forces as part of police reform led by Deputy Chief Maria Arkhipova. (Olga Sutulova).

A little over three years ago we were struggling scolded The movie “Plague Doctor”, which brings the Bubble Comics series “Major Thunder” to the big screen. The series has since been revamped with Thunder: A Hard Childhood, a less frustrating prequel about the hero’s acidic ’90s youth, and now a direct sequel subtitled The Game. There is a feeling (we will not hide it, it is an extremely pleasant feeling) that the writers listened to the criticism that was showered on them after “Plague Doctor” and either sincerely agreed with it, or simply decided that it would be more expensive for them to continue to follow the same line.

It turns out that the meeting place may change, though. The city surrounding the heroes has become more understandable and sane: now it’s a truly funny St. It’s like St. Petersburg, and not a vinaigrette from American megacities courtesy of Marvel and DC, rather than a casino coming from nowhere; especially the real-life Circus on Fontanka. Thank goodness the silly visualization of Grom’s thought process (“think, think, think”), which ruthlessly stretches the timing, is also gone. Now it’s tightened with a nice plot and character set that evokes Sam Raimi’s third “Spider-Man” movie (the scene where Zhiznevsky dances flamboyantly is missing, but they didn’t show the final cut at MIFF’s closing so there’s still a chance).

In general, it is worth noting that Oleg Trofim has clearly developed some kind of beautiful directorial personality, the “Game” is not devoid of entertaining solutions, and the new film is not so inferior to the latest Marvel projects with its difficult parade of narcissism. (Not exactly as a complement, but also not as a reproach); plus there’s a fun reference to A Clockwork Orange. This is all good news, because Trofim’s next films will probably be much more interesting to watch. And you’ll have to watch them, if only because the changes in the director’s score are a good indicator of Zeitgeist mutations. For example, the Ukrainian duet 5’nizza and Zemfira (known as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) played in the first part of the movie “Ice” (2018), and Boris Grebenshchikov played in the first song “Major Thunder” (2021). (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) and the Aquarium group were played. Of course, none of this can be imagined anymore in a Russian blockbuster; Only paradoxically safe Viktor Tsoi sounds from the “game” classics.

But the most surprising thing was that the changes demanded by our heart also affected the semantic component of “Thunder”. At first glance, the film seems like a remake of “Die Hard 3,” but then it quickly turns into Christopher Nolan’s attempt to make his own “Dark Knight” movie. This is wow! – Contains the desire to reflect on the protective message that smells disgusting from the “Plague Doctor”. “Think, think, think.” A digital concentration camp looms around the corner. In addition to the circus (although there are no tanks at the gate), PMCs appear in the frame, Syria and Africa are discussed. People are locked in the subway. Drones fly in the city. The word “applause” instead of “explosion” in the news. A little more – and the movie “The Game” could be called toothy, but of course it doesn’t come to that. But it comes to this: The picture flows from the statements “Brute force will be required” and “He will definitely not live to see the trial” to the slogans “Victory will not shed blood” and “There is no end.” justifying the means. Never”. This is the age of mercy in the Bubble Comics cinematic universe: Igor Grom from Gleb Zheglov’s team seems to have moved to Volodya Sharapov’s camp. All that remains is to wait for Oleg Trofim to receive an Oscar for the three-hour biography of Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov.

Premiere date: April 26, 2024

Release date: May 23, 2024

Manager: Oleg Trofim

Casting: Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Lyubov Aksenova, Alexander Seteykin, Alexey Maklakov, Sergey Goroshko, Dmitry Chebotarev, Konstantin Khabensky

What are you thinking?

A week later, on May 23, an alternative St. “Major Grom: The Game,” the sequel to the Russian comic book about police major Igor Grom, who fights crime in St. Petersburg, will be released in theaters. Oleg Trofim again took the director’s chair, and Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Lyubov Aksenova, Alexander Seteykin, Alexey Maklakov, Sergey Goroshko, Dmitry Chebotarev and Konstantin Khabensky returned to the frame. socialbites.ca’s film critic Pavel Voronkov describes how the meeting place has changed since the Plague Doctor.

Source: Gazeta


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