Star lawyer evaluated Kirkorov’s chances of winning the case with Uspenskaya 20:01

Star lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that singer Philip Kirkorov is unlikely to get back 10 million rubles from Lyubov Uspenskaya. In this respect reports

According to Zhorin, moral compensation if the claim is met will be less than one million rubles.

“What can now be said with confidence: no one will receive 10 million rubles from Uspenskaya. I think that if the claim is met, the non-pecuniary damage will be significantly less than one million rubles,” the lawyer said.

According to the lawyer, it is difficult to determine who will win in court; in particular, the outcome may depend on the competence of the artists’ representatives and the judges’ personal attitude towards the artists.

“Judges are human too, they have likes and dislikes. Many people know and love Kirkorov and Uspenskaya; these will also be of great importance,” says Zhorin.

Kirkorov demanded that Uspenskaya deny remarks about misogyny, allegedly “trying to discredit honor and dignity”, and pay her millions of dollars in compensation. In response Uspenskaya in one of her posts on social networks suggested Kirkorov took money for new trousers and urged him to come to the people.

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Source: Gazeta


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