American film director Corman passed away at the age of 98 22:59

American director and Oscar winner Roger Corman passed away at the age of 99. TV channel reports this ABC News referring to the director’s family.

The material states that his death occurred at his own home in California.

He directed more than 600 films throughout his life and became famous for his low-budget commercials called “B movies”. Among them: “Black Scorpion”, “Bucket of Blood”, “Piranhas” and others. Corman was awarded an Oscar in 2009 for his special contributions to the development of cinema.

A while ago, it was known that Alexander Gorlenko was the director of the films “The Caliph of the Stork” and “New Bremen”. gone 78 years old from life. The animator devoted most of his career to working at the Soyuzmultfilm studio. He began working as an animator in 1972 and began directing his own films in 1980. He took part in the production of cartoons such as “The House That Jack Built”, “The Story of the Priest and His Worker Balda”, “An Extraordinary Friend”, “The Stork Caliph”, “Icarus and the Wise Men”, “The Cat That Walked on Its Own” and ” “The Return of the Prodigal Parrot”.

He previously directed Wingard, the last two Godzilla films. designed new project.

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