Leps announces intimate plastic surgery 14:33

Singer Grigory Leps said that he underwent special plastic surgery. This was reported by mk.ru.

Leps said he had surgery on his genitals. As the publication clarified, it was unclear whether the singer meant this seriously or as a joke.

“But this has a side effect. The dog has become smaller,” the artist shared.

Leps also admitted that for him the main thing is not money. According to the singer, she leads a reclusive lifestyle.

“I have expensive things, but I treat them calmly. “I wouldn’t be upset if my tent was empty,” he said.

Leps divorced his wife Anna Shaplykova in 2021 after 20 years of marriage. Shaplykova gave birth to the singer three children – daughters Eva and Nicole and son Ivan. The artist has a daughter, Inga Leps, from his first marriage. Leps maintained friendly relations with his ex-wife Anna.

On April 13, during Leps’ concert in Kostroma, the singer knocked the phone out of the hand of a fan. When one of the fans asked the artist to stop doing this, he continued to videotape the artist.

Previously Leps commented on the scandal with a fan with obscene expressions.

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Source: Gazeta


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