Robbie Williams claimed aliens wanted to choose him as their contact person 19:40

Singer Robbie Williams has claimed that aliens have chosen him to be their ambassador on Earth. writes about this Irish Star.

“I just wrote a song called ‘Arizona’ and it’s about alien contact. I was standing on the balcony playing and there was a big golden ball of light – we thought it was Venus or Mars or something like that. Then the song stopped playing and he disappeared,” Williams said.

He explained that after this the mysterious ball returned four more times. Moreover, the 50-year-old artist claims to have seen a UFO close enough to hit it with a tennis ball several times. Williams stated that he saw alien tracks so often because the aliens decided to choose him as their ambassador. The singer believes that extraterrestrial races chose him because of his high popularity on Earth. Williams believes aliens want to use this to teach earthlings about life on other planets.

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Source: Gazeta


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