Sergei Sosedov explained why Pugacheva was popular in the USSR 17:03

In conversation with music critic Sergei Sosedov Teleprogramma Explained the popularity of Alla Pugacheva in the USSR.

“An artist should not be boring. In order not to bore the public, she must dose herself and periodically go into the shadows, which, by the way, Alla Pugacheva achieved this perfectly in her time. She performed very little; people were waiting for him to come on stage. Do you think Pugacheva is everywhere and endless? – Sosedov recalled.

According to the critic, Pugacheva constantly appeared only in New Year’s TV shows; On holidays in honor of May 1 and March 8, Diva rarely appeared. Sosedov also noted that the singer’s songs are heard on the radio, but in rather measured doses. The critic expressed the opinion that only Joseph Kobzon was “extreme” in Soviet times.

On March 29, Pugacheva released the song “Take Care” in a duet with little-known musician Zhenya Moiseev. There were rumors that the singer was planning to release the song for her 75th birthday, but the track was released online on March 29. Before that, producer Sergei Lavrov assumed that Pugacheva was recording a commercial duet.

Previously on Irina Pegova allocated Title of People’s Artist of Russia.

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Source: Gazeta


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