Singer Valeria chose the kindest Russian artists 03.28.2024, 18:25

Chat with singer Valeria called actor Konstantin Khabensky and singer Marie Crimebreri the kindest artists in Russia.

“In general, it makes me happy that our people are turning towards good. When you read social networks you think: “Why is everyone so angry? A constant hatred.” But no, not just hatred, friends. Are you still slandering? Yes, yes, yes, but few people can feel sorry for someone. But probably most people are capable of compassion,” suggested Valeria.

Recently, the singer’s husband, producer Joseph Prigozhin acceptedHe said that Valeria was considering leaving the stage during the coronavirus outbreak. Prigozhin noted that Valeria told him that it had become difficult to compete with bloggers and that she no longer wanted to work in show business. However, later the artist released another album.

In 2024, Valeria and producer Joseph Prigozhin will celebrate a porcelain wedding, 20 years of family life. His wife has no children with him. In previous marriages, they both had four heirs. Prigozhin has a daughter named Danaya and a grandson named Daniel from his first marriage.

Previously Svetlakov clarifiedWhy you left Ural Köfte.

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Source: Gazeta


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