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this Spanish Film AcademyMadrid-based l is keeping the exhibition open to the public until 29 July.Marisol, the glow of a legend‘, An examination of the images of the national icon who was and continues to be actress and singer Pepa Flores, with 39 photographs by maestro César Lucas, the main portrait painter from the early 1960s to the mid-1980s.

Example, highly recommended, Contains some of the artist’s most recognizable photographs from Malaga and others, less popular and even unpublished, show the greatness of a character who grew from a child prodigy to an artist and an extraordinary woman, loved by many generations, big or small, who saw her on screen. the micro-grooves of a vinyl or the cassette tapes we almost always rewind with a Bic pen, a combination of objects that are hard to explain for innovators and millennials Those who are not Marisol’s contemporaries, always Pepa.

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In the preface of the exhibition, accompanied by a videotaped interview with César Lucas, strength of character based on only twenty years of artistic activityThe following year, from 1959, when he was only 12 years old, when he met producer Manuel Goyanes, who would receive an award at the Mostra de Venecia, to 1985, after ten years of successful films and albums. She withdrew from social life shortly after her TVE premiere. Process to Mariana Pineda, a series in which he is the protagonist. He says he never wanted to work in Malaga since then, away from social life, isolated from everything related to his profession, making him a legend and according to the reference photographer. He didn’t go to get the Goya of Honor from the Academy in 2020, which now pays him another tribute with Lucas’ best photos. That year, 85 Marisol disappeared.

To disappear. What envy, those characters—very few—choosing to withdraw from circulation voluntarily and because they can afford it, living the life they always wanted, or walking away from a life they never wanted to be the lead role in. Marisol, Italian Mina, author Catcher in the RyeJD Salinger, David Bowie ten years of the last 12 years of his life, actresses like Greta Garbo or planetary icons like Sean ConnerySome examples of the consequences of over-reputation, and in some cases undesirable, sometimes carved—Marisol is the exception to the aforementioned list—voluntarily sought after, devotedly studied, and often clashed with reality, which he shut himself up to write in the final stage. The media’s excessive attention, luxury, and glitter are a mirage that eventually overwhelms talent. I also think of gymnast Simone Biles, who was probably exhausted by all of the above when she was just starting her journey in life.

An example picture. film academy

In any case, happy are those who, at the height of their professional careers, decide, for whatever reason, to retire to their winter quarters. History permanently passes at two speeds, those who decide to walk away because they can, and those who stay because they have no other choice, which (we) are the vast majority, silent or confused, it doesn’t matter. The first accumulates more emotional wealth than the top ten millionaires on the Forbes list, and who will find it? It is impossible to follow the same path as Connery or Pepa Flores. Second, she takes advantage of not being nauseous in the media or on social networks at times more than when someone in a newsroom offers to write about what happened to her or someone else from the distance.

Whether called Elon Musk, anonymous worker or unemployed, there is a type of person who does not disappear, is always aware of the ups and downs of the financial or labor market; They are called Amancio Ortega or they live in a toxic relationship every day at home or outside of it. I believe Marisol, who continues to shine as a legend as she does today, will not change for any of the empowered men and women at the top of their profession. For others, poor or rich, life will continue to be a draw.

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