British children banned from watching Mary Poppins 10:18

England raised the age limit for the 1964 Julie Andrews musical Mary Poppins on the grounds that it contained “discriminatory language”. BBC reports this.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) reclassified the film from U (all children) to PG (7+) because the film uses the derogatory term “Hottentots” to refer to chimney sweeps with soot on their faces.

The Oxford Dictionary notes that termite, often used to refer to the peoples of Southern Africa in colonial times, is “generally regarded as archaic and offensive.” The BBFC said the terminology could upset a child or cause them to repeat the word “without realizing the possible offence”. Experts advised parents to be present when their children watch this movie.

The council noted that the film has already been classified three times: for the first time, experts evaluated the film after its release, then in 2013 for a re-release, and finally in 2024 (anniversary year) cinemas plan to show the film on big screens again.

The musical Mary Poppins won five Oscars in 1965, including Best Actress and Best Song.

Previously reportedthat the international film festival “Tsiolkovsky” will be held in Kaluga.

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Source: Gazeta


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