About Buzova, the former soloist of “Mirage”: “It smells cheap” 17.01.2024, 17:05

About Buzova, the former soloist of “Mirage”: “It smells cheap” 17.01.2024, 17:05

Singer Svetlana Razina criticized the work of artist Olga Buzova in an interview with the POPCAKE YouTube channel.

According to Razina, the work of Buzova and artists like her is “immoral and vulgar.”

“It reeks of cheapness, debauchery and something like that. This smell,” the singer said.

Razina explained that only the VIA Gra group can be distinguished from such a stage. He believes that the team’s work does not appear immoral, but rather “expensive and rich.”

“What is this Olya doing? Abbreviated as “Obuzova” – a burden for our country. “It’s like… This is already rude behavior,” said the artist.

Buzova in December 2023 reportedpeople still joke about his vocal abilities. According to him, such jokes are inappropriate and unfunny since 2017.

According to the artist, the hall was full at all his last solo concerts. He believes that his fans can confirm that there is no music in his performances. Buzova believes that her vocals are criticized only by fans who read false information on the Internet and in the media.

Previously Olga Buzova sang “The King and the Clown” on New Year’s Eve.

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Source: Gazeta


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