From artistic residences in Alicante to a contemporary art festival

After that Five years Pioneered the training of artists in Alicante between 2014-2019 and subsequently organized the residences of A Quemarropa two online versions Due to the pandemic of Piedra Papel Tijera ALC creative workshops, 2022 will be the year of PPT Open Art Festivala meeting of contemporary art, above all, wants to go to the city. This festival takes place over three weekends from Thursday to Saturday. Between 30 September and 15 Octoberand intended promote and bring new artistic trends in an accessible way to the general populationthrough fifteen creatives and experts connected to the art world and With a pedagogical approach.

collective of artists Juan Fuster, Miriam Martinez Guirao and Chaplain behind two previous initiatives that have now been turned into a festivalKeep going on and will have Free character in all activitiesmore workshops, talks, roundtables and exhibitions.

Without a fixed venue, PPT Open Art will take place in several of the city’s most emblematic cultural venues, in collaboration with the Valencian Community of Museums Consortium, Juan Gil-Albert Institute, Las Cigarreras. center, Alicante University Venue, Alicante University Museum, and adds a new external collaborator, Casa Planas Cultural Center of Mallorcathe project director will have a talk with one of the resident artists at the centre.

In its first edition, the festival will focus on some of the current trends in artistic research, such as: sustainability and ecology in art, bio-art, artificial intelligence or crypto-art, among other topics, some of them are hard to digest even for those in the industry.

The organization emphasizes that the festival targets audiences of all kinds. “Disseminating current trends and providing information in simple words”. “We want to attract the attention of the public and combine art with the cityhas always been our goal,” explains Juan Fuster, who rejects other innate suggestions from the art world in favor of sharing creative processes with the public.

Although programming is still evolving, the festival opens on the 30th with an exhibition opening With the works of the artists participating in the festival, which will be exhibited in Las Cigarreras. Another event will be a roundtable or workshop on arts and sustainability. Antotype impression with chlorophyll given by the artist Almudena Romero. Another of the most attractive offers will be speech Raw Crypto Artby artist Vincent Aguadowhich keys will release It makes and sells NFTs and their relationship to the cryptocurrency market.

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