Philip Kirkorov will donate the “Mask” fee to Belgorod residents 12:40

Singer Philip Kirkorov said: telegram channelThat he plans to donate to Belgorod residents.

“Today, I decided to donate my fee for participation in the TV project “New Year’s Mask” broadcast on NTV channel to the residents of the city of Belgorod who suffered from the inhumane terrorist attack that occurred on New Year’s days,” the artist wrote. social networks.

The day before Philip Kirkorov became known to cut From the show “Christmas with Grigory Leps” on Channel One. The festive concert with the participation of Russian pop stars was recorded on December 24 and broadcast on Channel One. According to the publication, Kirkorov opened the show with the song “Fly, Fly”, but the TV channel did not show it. The artist’s joint performances with Lyusya Chebotina and Mikhail Shufutinsky also disappeared.

The shooting of the concert took place after blogger Nastya Ivleeva’s “naked” party, which Kirkorov and Glukoza also attended. The event itself and the guests were subsequently criticized: rapper Vacio received administrative detention twice, and Ivleeva was fined 100 thousand rubles for organizing it. Kirkorov and many other stars who came to the event later recorded an apology video.

Previously Sasha Bortich Reacted To the criticism of Nikita Kologrivy.

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Source: Gazeta


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