Barrera unites Valencia cultural awards in one gala

Simplify and consolidate. The First Vice Presidency and the Department of Culture and Sports are preparing a Strategic Plan for the cultural sectors. It will be introduced in the coming months and its main lines will include “simplifying bureaucracy” and “supporting public-private sector cooperation” in processing aid. through initiatives such as supporting patronage legislation.

In order to minimize costs and simplify procedures, Generalitat Valenciana is considering abolishing Valencian cultural awards for cinema, music and performing arts. In this way, the Berlanga, Carles Santos and Performing Arts Awards will be combined under one roof to reduce expenses.

This was stated by the head of this department in an interview with Europa Press. He outlined some of the culture’s early goals. Therefore, Councilman Vicente Barrera stated that his “obligation” was to “do everything possible” and leave “with fewer problems than he encountered” when he finished his job.

He said he understood that the cultural sector in particular was “an unstable sector that needs to be supported” but had shown a willingness to “support it in another way”. “Perhaps the previous philosophy was to greatly strengthen and even compete with the public at the expense of the private. We are pursuing another cultural policy, which is to mobilize the private sector and try to cooperate with the public. “We will try to go where the private sector cannot go, but we will not compete with the public sector.” To achieve this, he plans to “promote patronage legislation; the positive norm, which has many ways to use it”

At the same time, efforts will be made to “make the bureaucracy much smaller” in order for aid to arrive more quickly, and it is emphasized that this is “a very important and fundamental line of business”. “This is something that we see as very important and it does not mean that the control measures are less, because it is not our money, it is just the money that we manage and we need to be very careful. All of this will be reflected in the four-year Strategic Plan, which is being worked on “together”. “We want to coordinate and we don’t want to patch,” he summarized.

Prize combination

Another of the Ministry’s projects is to combine the three award ceremonies in which the performing arts, audio-visual and music sectors have been rewarded so far, into a single event. Actually, A change promoted by PP and Vox has been introduced to their 2024 budget with a line of 100,000 euros for the Grand Valencia Art Gala..

In this context, Barrera stated that dividing the award ceremony into three “does not make much sense” and that “due to economic problems, it is much more logical to organize a joint gala for the entire culture.” He argued that “it would be more attractive and the resources we would need would be much smaller.” “The money comes from long-suffering taxpayers who pay their taxes, and we should try to do more with less.” he decided.

On the question regarding the aid related to bullfighting and the criticism it created in some political and social segments, he emphasized that “the Ministry of Culture defends all culture.”

Representation of bullfighting

“What matters is not the personal tastes of the minister,” thought Barrera. Whether you like bullfighting or not, it is part of our culture. But not because I say so, not just because the weight of history says so, but because the law says so. “We are affiliated with the Ministry of Culture of Madrid.”

He added that he came at this point “to repair a historical injustice that has been happening in this society not just now, but for 40 years.” and raised: “Not a single euro has been allocated to bullfighting since we had an autonomous framework in the Ministry of Culture. Why does culture have to have a Cinderella?”

For this reason, he emphasized: He will “naturally” do what he believes all his predecessors in this position should have done “and they never did this: fulfill their obligations and defend the entire culture with a capital letter.”

Source: Informacion


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