Natalya Sturm’s daughter was hospitalized after the fire 14:07

Singer Natalya Sturm posted on Instagram (the owner of the company Meta is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia) that there was a fire in her apartment.

The fire occurred in a new building in the Ilyinskie Luga district of Moscow. Sturm noted that the fire broke out on the morning of December 9 due to a short circuit in the cables. At that time, the singer and his family members were sleeping. Everyone woke up to smoke in the kitchen. As of now, the fire has been extinguished.

According to Sturm, his daughter Elena inhaled the smoke and was taken to the hospital. The girl was taken away by ambulance. The singer shared a photo with her daughter after the fire.

“All services work quickly and smoothly,” the artist said.

Sturm’s daughter Elena was born in the singer’s first marriage with operetta theater artist Sergei Deev.

Sturm in October reportedHe said he was robbed by a foreign lover named Plamen. The singer’s girlfriend started acting strangely while on holiday in Spain. The man asked in a thin voice to call a taxi while he was resting at the hotel at two in the morning. Yıldız got angry at this behavior and locked herself in her room. Then he heard the door slam and Plamen walked away. The next day, the singer noticed that a certain amount of 1,500 euros had disappeared from his wallet.

Previously The “Christmas Vacation” star fell off stage during a holiday screening of the film.

Source: Gazeta


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