Director Poplavsky on Instagram: “I hate him with every fiber of my soul” 17:34

Director Klim Poplavsky, son of actress Yana Poplavskaya, called singer Instasamka (real name Daria Zoteeva) “enemy number one.” This is what he’s talking about stated in an interview with the online publication “Paragraf”.

“This is a creature, enemy number one, I hate it with every fiber of my soul. How outgoing do you have to be to say “yes for the money”? I had to deal with this because my kids brought it. “I explained to my daughter that it’s a prostitute’s anthem, there’s no other way to say it, it’s a tribute to a corrupt woman,” Poplavsky said.

According to the director, modern artists have problems with values, therefore they create a negative impact on the new generation and spread personal false beliefs.

Klim Poplavsky is the author of documentaries about soldiers in the zone of military operations in Ukraine. He also completed tactical medicine training for service in the special operations area.

Actress Yana Poplavskaya before statedthat artist Andrei Makarevich (known in the Russian Federation as a foreign agent) and singer Alla Pugacheva shame old age. This is how he interpreted the performance in which Makarevich and Alexander Kutikov brought Pugacheva to the stage at the concert of the Time Machine group in Israel.

Previously Instasamka starry without makeup and with overgrown eyebrows.

Source: Gazeta


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