“Silent Fury”: The legendary John Woo returns to Hollywood, but he can’t put two words together. John Woo’s action movie “Silent Fury” starring Joel Kinnaman was released on 30.11.2023, 15:30

Brian Godluck (Joel Kinnaman from Suicide Squad) – An exemplary family man who lives with his wife and young child in a disadvantaged area. He is so dysfunctional that one Christmas Eve, when thugs speeding past his house in their car get into a gunfight (a common occurrence in these parts), his son is killed by a stray bullet. The Chaser Luckily gets shot in the throat (presumably the karmic equivalent of wearing sandals over socks). Brian miraculously survives but completely loses his ability to speak. After several months of rehabilitation and a sad drinking binge, the hero became convinced of the powerlessness of the police. (rapper Kid Cudi is under police orders) decides to take revenge on the murderers alone. And he plans to have it in time for next Christmas – after all, this isn’t a “let’s do it after the holidays” situation.

It’s a big deal: Hong Kong’s legendary action director John Woo is returning to Hollywood after a long absence (aside from the video game Stranglehold and the pilot episode of the unproduced TV series The Robinsons: Lost in Space, the last time he performed in English was ) With “Hour of Reckoning” in 2003, based on Philip K. Dick) – They say they shot “John Wick” without me, well done, of course, but now we’ll show you how it’s done. And they don’t show it.

Kinnaman said in an interview that he naturally wouldn’t talk for two months during the filming of “Mute Fury” (by the way, it was originally called “Silent Night”, like a Christmas carol), but he gave up on it. first day of shooting. The joke is, of course, even funny, but it’s also revealing and not in the best way. The film’s two-minute trailer promises an hour-and-a-half adrenaline fest, but to no avail: in reality, Wu will constantly be entangled in a strange drama that, according to Stanislavsky, Kinnaman will try to portray. Although this isn’t exactly the kind of movie that needed it. More precisely, this is not the case at all and such a thing would harm him greatly.

The beauty of “John Wick” is that it is pure stunt cinema, a stunt showcase, where everything framed is framed in an elegant dotted line. If director and former stuntman Chad Stahelski had occasionally returned to the puppy episode and focused on the heartache, the magic would have quickly dissipated. That’s exactly what Wu does in Silent Rage: He dwells relentlessly on the character’s tragedy, making the film feel as if it were born as an exercise in form, unable to move forward. As a result, you unintentionally identify yourself with Godluck’s wife. (Catalina Sandino Moreno from From Beyond and the upcoming Wick spinoff Ballerinas)), also waited and waited for something to happen, but it never happened.

The film seems to accelerate several times and switch to the desired lane, at these moments you think something like: “God, how does it feel” (after all, Wu’s eccentric style is very valuable) and cameraman Sharon Mair, who shot “Obsession” Damien Chazelle and editor Zach Stenberg (The Matrix’s Oscar) Meanwhile, they help and throw wood on the fire. However, they (the firewood) burn quickly and then “Silent Rage” vents out the accumulated pain, breaks the tempo and returns sadly to its usual dull groove. In short, the Russian distributor again suddenly lies: the cat cried a lot of quiet anger (and anger in general), but there was an extremely quiet night.

Wu, on the other hand, does an excellent job of instilling in the audience a sense of disappointment that crushes Kinnaman’s character: If that’s the mission, all that’s left is to congratulate the director on his creative triumph. Otherwise, it must be admitted that the director’s comeback was extremely boring.

But anything is better than the fourth “The Expendables” (Lionsgate studio is always at the scene of the crime). And whatever he says, this is a welcome relief for Wu: It seems we can talk with some confidence about the second American period in his career; The director’s next film is a remake of his own film “The Hitman”. once the careers of Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Luc Besson and Johnny To. The practice of manipulating the English language was and still is controversial, but it is better than the introduction of someone who does not know.

The action movie Silent Fury, Hong Kong director John Woo’s first Hollywood film in 20 years, was released in Russian cinemas. In the film, Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman plays a meek father seeking revenge for his son’s death. socialbites.ca film critic Pavel Voronkov tells how Wu’s comeback turned out.

Source: Gazeta


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