Prokhor Chaliapin spoke in favor of the marriage contract and mocked his former bride 20:13

Singer Prokhor Chaliapin in an interview with the Telegram channel “Zvezdach” He admitted that he thinks a prenuptial agreement is the right solution in modern marriage. He also made fun of his ex-fiancee Anna Kalashnikova.

“A marriage contract is a modern form of formalizing relationships. I think that’s right, that’s fair. And there are people who do not think about money at all. As you know, Kalashnikova came from Dubai or Monaco, she probably doesn’t think about money. At least today. “What, a tour,” laughed Chaliapin.

At the same time, he added that he did not want to go to court again because, according to the singer, the case was very tiring. Chaliapin believes that the marriage contract will help the spouses avoid meeting with the judge.

In mid-September, Chaliapin explained why he would never “throw stones” at opera singer Anna Netrebko. chalyapin registeredThat Netrebko emigrated from Russia long before the start of the special military operation in Ukraine. He explained that his colleague earned money through his work and talents abroad. The singer is not sure that Netrebko would have been allowed to make a career in Russia 20 years ago.

Previously Lyusya Chebotina set The four stages of poisoning.

Source: Gazeta


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