Philip Kirkorov came out with a wedding ring 08:37

Pop singer Philip Kirkorov attended the Golden Gramophone award with a wedding ring. This was reported by

“Yes, [это обручальное кольцо]! Have you come to your senses?” the artist answered the journalist’s question.

And it’s still 28 November reportedHe said that Kirkorov made an offer to music producer Tatyana Tur. He also emphasized that he does not need matchmakers, since “everything is normal” in his personal life.

In May, Kirkorov admitted that he was in love. The musician noted that from now on his heart is occupied not only by the audience, but also by “the person for whom I want to live and create.” However, the musician did not reveal the name of his partner.

summer artist saidLiving with her boyfriend for nine months, she was happy to finally find a complete family.

On July 19, Kirkorov’s ex-fiancee spoke about the artist’s upcoming wedding. DJ Katya Guseva stated that during a meeting with the artist she noticed his “burning eyes”.

“You can see with the naked eye that it is happy and blooming. First of all, it has a magnificent transformation. Secondly, it is clear that he is happy in his private life,” the ex-lover emphasized.

Officially, Kirkorov was only married to singer Alla Pugacheva, their relationship lasted 11 years

Previously reportedHe said that Guf came to his ex-wife’s villa with brass knuckles in his hands.

Source: Gazeta


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