Singer Yulian told how Pakhmutova lived after losing her husband 15:34

Singer Yulian admitted that he helped Alexandra Pakhmutova, a woman named Tatyana, who began to “protect” the composer and poet Alexander Dobronravov after the accident in 2000. The artist’s words are quoted

“After the accident, they realized that a good fairy, an absolute angel, appeared in their lives. It was Tanya who saved them in those difficult days. He did not leave the room and spent the night with them. Tanya lived in the hospital. <...> From that moment on – more than twenty years later – he always protected and helped them,” Julian said.

According to the artist, “everyone knows” Tatyana in Yaroslavl: she does charity work and helps the poor. At the same time, Julian called the woman a non-public person and noted that only Pakhmutova’s inner circle knew her.

“Tanya is still close to Alexandra Nikolaevna today. “He always comes to Moscow with a lot of bags, brings everything he needs,” Yulian emphasized.

In September 2023, Alexandra Pakhmutova’s husband, songwriter Nikolai Dobronravov, passed away. They lived together for 67 years.

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Source: Gazeta


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