35 short films shot with mobile phones will be screened at the Alicante Smartphone Film Festival

Alicante Smartphone Film Festival, the festival of short films made with mobile phones. second edition between 21 – 25 November. This is the second competition he directed. David Seva Morerachose to compete 35 jobsamong more than one 150 receivedand will distribute 2,500 euros among the winners. Additionally, during the festival, animation workshops will be held in Aguas de Alicante, Dr. Introductory cinema workshops will be held at Balmis General Hospital.

The competition was presented this Friday by its director, Member of the Employment and Development Council. Mari Carmen from Spainand Dr. in Alicante. Head of the Pediatric Service at Balmis General Hospital, Javier González de Diosauthor of the book series Cinema and pediatrics It has already reached its 12th volume.

The Alicante Smartphone Film Festival is one of the few international competitions dedicated solely to short films recorded with mobile phones, and more and more works are being received both nationally and internationally. The festival premiered last year, and the actor and director won first place in the best short fiction category. Paco Leon with its brevity NeighbourIt was done during the pandemic.

Seva Morera stated that this initiative is “a way to make visible the great talent that exists through a filmmaking tool as affordable and accessible as the mobile phone”, while Mari Carmen from Spain highlighted “innovation” and “fun”. with a “new format” suggested by the festival “dedicated to technologies in the world of cinema.”

In contrast, Javier González de Dios states that “the purpose of the workshops is to Turn Hospital Classroom into a movie set and a window of light and fresh air for long-term hospitalized minors and adolescents.

This second edition of the Alicante Smartphone Film Festival featured more than 150 works. Duration should not exceed 10 minutes35 works selected by the jury in different categories will be shown. Fiction, Comedy, Animation, International, Shorts from Alicante Province, combating climate change And Movie Hospital.


Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd the episode will start combating climate change In collaboration with Aguas de Alicante animation workshops with material recycleable to highlight the role played by the municipal water company and to raise awareness and action against climate change. These workshops will lead. Samy Natsheh and Arly JonesThe exhibition, which was nominated for the Goya Awards and awarded more than 15 international awards by the Cabeza Voladora studio, will be held at the headquarters of the Alicante Water Museum.

HE Thursday 23Within the scope of Alicante Futura Congress, 35 short films were selected The festival will start at 12.30 at Kinépolis cinemas in Alicante.

HE Friday the 24th The section will be developed Movie Hospital here is a film launch workshopjust focused For hospitalized children and young people Directed by Javier González de Dios, a big cinema fan and the author of the series, Doctor Balmis General Hospital Pediatrics Service Oncology unit. Cinema and Pediatrics, He published twelve volumes of these. The workshop will be given by director Alfredo Navarro, who won the Goya award in 2016. Seeing salt in a dream

HE Saturday 25 will be celebrated closing gala In Kinépolis cinemas, this film will be presented by Alicante actress Vanesa Romero and there will be a prize of € 2,500 divided into different categories.

Alicante Smartphone Film Festival has the support of Alicante Municipal Council, Alicante Provincial Council, Aguas de Alicante, Coca Cola and other collaborating companies.

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