The Ministry of Culture banned the screening of the movie “Fairy Tale” at the KARO.Art festival in Moscow 17:47

Director Alexander Sokurov reported telegram channelThe Ministry of Culture banned the screening of the movie “Fairy Tale” at the KARO festival. Art.

The show was supposed to take place at an event in Moscow on October 15. Currently Sokurov is trying to find motivation.

“There are big problems in life, just like in Soviet times, when all my works were banned from being shown,” the director said.

Sokurov announced that he did not want help. Skazka then suggested that the distribution certificate would be rejected. According to him, there will also be an unspoken ban on the exhibition of all his works.

The director concluded: “I am not only protesting censorship, but also the violation of my constitutional right to communicate my work freely with my fellow citizens.”

Sokurov sent Documents to the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to obtain a distribution certificate for the release of the film “Fairy Tale” in September 2023.

According to the plot of “Fairy Tale”, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and Churchill meet in the other world. On the eve of divine judgment, the heroes enjoy memories of their own lives and the power they had and are not ready to part with.

Previously actor Michael Fassbender decided not to blink in the frame on the set of David Fincher’s movie.

Source: Gazeta


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