Marion Cotillard, a new Joan of Arc at the Theater Royal

For Marion Cotillard, music is a fundamental part of her life. Therefore, it is no coincidence that some milestones in her career as a translator were marked by her. She won the Oscar for transforming in 2007. Edith Piaf in ‘Pink Life’ and last year he immersed himself in the rhythm of Sparks’ music in the Leos Carax universe. ‘Annette’, played an opera singer here. We will now watch him on stage at the Teatro Real in Madrid to bring one of the indestructible icons of popular culture to life. Joan of Arc is Arthur Honegger’s oratorio with a view.

This is not the first time that the actress does this work, and she has a very special relationship with her, since her mother was also responsible for the main role several times. It took its place, precisely, in Orleans in 2005, when it had not yet gained international recognition, and then repeated it in 2012 at the Barcelona Auditorium, directed by Marc Sousrot. Now leads the cast ‘Joan of Arc is in danger’ with dramaturgy and staging by Àlex Ollé (La Fura dels Baus) and with Juanjo Mena as chef.

“Every time I play this character it’s been a very powerful experience for me. Each time the difficulty is different because it depends on the artistic vision of those responsible, the intention given by the chief. But in any case, it is a complex and at the same time highly instinctive work that takes you through a spiral of emotions,” Cotillard told a press conference in Madrid a few days before the premiere, which will take place on the 7th until the 7th. With a total of 8 performances on June 17.

It is a co-production between the Theater Royal and the Frankfurt Opera, where it premiered in 2017. It has a feature like Honegger’s oratorio Joan of Arc. first Claude Debussy’s cantata ‘La demoiselle elude’starring Camilla Tilling and mesosoprano Enkelejda Shoksa. By combining these two parts, Àlex Ollé wanted to reflect on the never-ending cycles of barbarism, wars of the past and wars of the present., dictatorial regimes placing action in the near future, apocalypse and dehumanization. Therefore, on this occasion, Joan of Arc is a modern heroine so that we can all identify with her and therefore, Marion Cotillard takes the stage in jeans and a t-shirtIt’s like a normal girl lured into this world of self-destruct.

Marion Cotillard after the ‘Joana de Arco en la hoguera’ presentation at the Teatro Real. Javier del Real

Marion Cotillard continues: “Joan of Arc is a character who has lived on in historical and cultural memory as she represents a woman who fights against everyone in a world of men who use and condemn her. “Her faith gives her strength and she can do incredible things because she follows her instincts. Chains of contracts. A woman who can break is something that cannot continue to be more current”.

As for the scenery, Alfons Flores has created a unique set for both pieces, with a floating floor that splits the scene horizontally and reproduces the dramaturgical dualities: earth and sky, struggle and peace, suffering and salvation. , violence and purity. Again, The most special thing for Cotillard was being able to work with the Royal Theater Choir.. “It’s my first production where I have such a direct relationship with all the members because they surround me, they touch me, I talk to them and it’s a very strong and intense dialogue.”

‘Joan of Arc in Danger’ was created in 1938 for dancer and patron Ida Rubinstein. However, the savagery of Nazism and the occupation of France led the symbolist poets Paul Claudel and Arthur Honegger to add a more clearly converging preface. The tragedy of Joan of Arc in the Hundred Years’ War and the brutal German expansion in WWII. This second version is the one to be seen in Real, where Joan of Arc (Cotillard) casually recalls moments of her life on a firewood pile in a double flashback where a number of characters will parade.

Marion Cotillard admits that all the research work on the character has already been built into her since she first approached him. On this occasion, however, the new staging forced him to take a different interpretation. “Ollé gives some very specific instructions, so she’ll be a whole new Joan of Arc.”

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