Rural cinema and ecology at Mostra La Cirera de Planes

The planes had a cinema and still have an old 35 millimeter projector, but It’s been years since we’ve seen a movie on the big screen there.. This is the town of El Comtat, also known as capital city Cherrywith the first one will close this gap for a few days Planes La Cirera Cinema ShowTo be held in the coming period 21 and 22 October and took the cinema to Auditori Abate Juan Andrés reactivate culture from environment It claims the ecological potential of the interior of the province of Alicante.

Despite its size, its population is approximately 700 people– You will enjoy this town in the Alicante mountain Some of the most notable movies last two years related to rural environment, ecology and environmentProminent among these Don’t be ashamedAwarded Special Jury Mention at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, directed by Bolivian Alejandro LoayzaHe will be going to Planes to talk about this film that speaks to its subject. drought Through an elderly Quechua couple who will be featured in La Cirera.

The program also includes projection. Alcarras (best film of the 2022 Berlinale), Carla Simón; This(Berlanga Award 2022), which Oriola native Elena López Riera presented at the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes 2022 and will appear in Planes with the participation of protagonist Luna Pamies; anyone dryersrelated to Dew ChartIt premiered in San Sebastián, 2022, with a visit from its leading actor. Island Mar Lupiáñez. It’s almost time for the director to arrive 20,000 species of bees, Estíbaliz UrresolaHowever, a short film is being planned ropeswith the presence of the actress Maite Zuazola.

A street in Planes, where the first La Cirera Cinema Show was held INFORMATION

The poster is completed with a projection short cycle Environmentally themed from Ecofilms and complemented by: workshops, music, colloquium and without forgetting product tasting of your field.

Creators of this project Carla Vidal And Juan F. NavarroSupporters of initiatives such as El Bancal del Capellà or La Peluquería asked a year ago “why don’t we have a small cinema that is disappearing in most of these towns and an exhibition of cinema linked to rurality, ecology and environment?” they thought. ” says Carla, director and responsible for creating content for La Cirera City Hall Plans and Cultural Advisor, Agustín Cebriàadministering a subsidy from the Provincial Council of Alicante 12,000 euros to activate it.

Carla Vidal, director of the Planes film exhibition INFORMATION

“They gave us time off this summer, and with the help of a friend of ours who works in festivals, we designed the programs that needed to be pre-selection, viewing and content. more fiction“Although some films contain many traces of reality, they are much more than a documentary.” “Thinking about the future of the planetstarting from young people in the villages droughtThis is the biggest debate of the future, both because of its scarcity and the management of this resource planned throughout the exhibition,” says the director. The future of the rural world will be defined and change generational.

Image from the movie “El agua” with actress Luna Pamies, who participated in the exhibition INFORMATION

The exhibition is completely free and entrance to the screenings is limited to the auditorium’s capacity of 250 seats. Poster designed by illustrator Luis DemanoShowing different corners with symbols of the town of Planes.

From Capellà Terrace to the cinema among the cherry trees

Planes La Cirera Film Festival This is not the first cultural initiative Work initiated in this area by collagist Carla Vidal and mathematician and artist Juan F. Navarro unveiled a small plot of land a year and a half ago. Capella TerraceAn open-air space where exhibitions, literary or musical projects are carried out for a small audience, always sustainable and respectful of the environment. The project, which has been paralyzed in recent months,will continue its operations next spring probably with a collective exhibition corresponding to this period. Cherry Blossom.

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