Cinema owners explain what determined the success of the second part of “Cheburashka” 17:41

Roman Isaev, a member of the Council of the Association of Cinema Owners, says that the box office success of the second part of the movie “Cheburashka” will depend on whether all factors will come together as successfully as the first time. In his interview with NSN, such factors included: named image quality, music, script and acting.

“All of the above determined the phenomenal success of the first film; even those who had not been to the cinema for many years went to watch it,” said Isaev. “If everything goes well in the second part, then it will be a comparable success.”

The expert complained that there are not enough such films in Russia and they are shown no more than once every three years. “For the industry to survive, these need to be published every two to three months,” says Isaev. “And repeating success with such a big step does not allow the film industry to survive, feel normal and develop.”

According to the plans, “Cheburashka-2” will come out On screens in 2026. The team of the first film, led by director Dmitry Dyachenko, will work on the second part.

The first film, “Cheburashka”, became the highest-grossing film in Russian history, breaking the record of “Slave”. Read more about the reasons for the film’s success – In the material “”.

Source: Gazeta


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