Khaidarov’s wife applied to the prosecutor’s office because of singer Slava’s lawyer 17:20

Businesswoman Svetlana Silvashi, wife of plastic surgeon Timur Khaidarov, filed an application with the prosecutor’s office against star lawyer Elena Senina. In this respect reports Life connected to Shot.

According to Silvasha, the lawyer of the singer Slava Senina allegedly initiated online harassment against their family, so, in their opinion, an unfair recourse has already been filed against the spouses.

Silvasi is confident that Senia brought together everyone who allegedly suffered from her husband’s surgeries, including the stars.

The entrepreneur explained that he tried to prove his wife’s innocence on the Internet, but accidentally published a screenshot of the correspondence, the patient’s personal data, her face and naked photos before and after surgery. girl from now on filed He filed a police complaint against Svetlana and, Silvashi claimed, began extorting 2.5 million rubles from the family.

Silvashi believes that the prosecution should find out how justified it was to damage her husband’s reputation.

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Source: Gazeta


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